Welcome New Grad Forum Officers!

I’m very pleased to introduce our new 2013-2014 Grad Forum officers! We have a group of very dedicated students working on behalf of the department and our great students. Based on their enthusiasm and good ideas, I know next year will be a great one in the department. As you run into them in the hall, be sure to congratulate them – and give them your ideas for things to do for Grad Forum.

  •  PhD Co-President: Deborah Hanh
  • Masters Co-President: Tom Shelton
  • PhD Vice-President: Ben Prince
  • PhD Faculty Representative: Laura Cano
  • Masters Faculty Representative: Rachel Cavin
  • Professional Development Organizer: Kumudan Grubh
  • Officer: Yasmin Turk
  • Officer: Katy Riddle
  • Officer: Graciela Sandoval
  • Officer: Ryan Scheurmann
Congrats to all! On behalf of the 2012-2013 Grad Forum officers, it was great serving you! I am very pleased to see the direction that Grad Forum is going with our new officers.
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Outstanding Professor of 2013: Dr. Yongmei Lu

The Graduate Forum is pleased to announce that this year’s winner of the Graduate Student Forum Outstanding Professor Award is Dr. Yongmei Lu.

Dr. Yongmei Lu has been a devoted advocate of graduate student education at Texas State in the department of Geography. Her areas of interest include Geographic Information Science, spatial statistics, geographic information and society, and crime analysis. She received her Ph.D from the State University of New York at Buffalo in 2001.

Dr. Lu’s former Master’s and Ph.D students include Bernie Fang, Sheng Lin, Aja Davidson, and Hans Friedel. Her current students include Ruojing Scholz, Junfang Chen, David Parr, Ana Gomez-Sanchez, and Jackson Pickett.

The Graduate Student Forum Outstanding Professor Award was established in 1997 to recognize a member of the Graduate Faculty for outstanding service to graduate students in the Department.

Previous recipients of the Graduate Student Forum Outstanding Professor Award include Dr. Fred Shelley (1997), Dr. Craig Colten (1998), Dr. Susan Hardwick (1999), Dr. Fred Day (2000), Dr. Deborah Bryan (2001), Dr. David Stea (2002), Dr. Richard Earl (2003), Dr. Richard Dixon (2004), Dr. Mark Fonstad (2005), Dr. Richard Dixon (2006), Dr. Sven Fuhrmann (2007), Dr. David Butler (2008), Dr. Ron Hagelman (2009), Dr. Fred Day (2010), Dr. Nate Currit (2011), and Dr. Edwin Chow (2012).

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Adam Mathews @ Alamo Area GIS Meeeting

Adam Mathews, fresh back from Australia, will be presenting at the Alamo Area GIS meeting on April 24. Come and support your fellow geographer!image001

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Cartography Specialty Group Master’s Thesis Grants

Applications for the next round of AAG Cartography Specialty Group Master’s Thesis Research Grants are due by March 15, 2013.

Masters students enrolled full time are invited to apply for the CSG Master’s Thesis Research Grants. These grants are intended to promote scholarly research in cartography by students enrolled in Geography or a related degree program. Grants are available up to a maximum of $500 and may be used for items necessary and relevant to research, such as travel, materials, equipment, and human subject fees.

Deadlines for application are March 15, June 15, and November 1 of each year.

For more information and the application form, please visit http://www.csun.edu/~hfgeg003/csg/master.html. You can also access that page from the Awards and Competitions section of the main CSG Web site,http://www.csun.edu/~hfgeg003/csg.

Please share this announcement with your students or other organizations that may have potential applicants.

Good luck in the competition!


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Update from Grad Forum, March 2013

The Geography Graduate Forum is a student organization that supports graduate student development, research and teaching, represents grad students to the faculty, and promotes community through social events and communication.

We’ve had a fantastic 2012-2013 year! Great memories include

  • our Welcome back BBQ and Thanksgiving Potluck, both sponsored by the department.
  • Dr. Ronald Hagelman gave a talk on presenting at professional conferences in September.
  • Drs. Richard Dixon, Philip Suckling, David Butler, and Jennifer Jensen gave two panel discussions on how to apply for academic jobs in November.
  • Ph.D student Ben Prince led a weekend camping and canoeing trip in October.
  • and we’re helping to put together a Geography Bowl and Map Gallery for the Texas Graduate Student Research Symposium (TxGSRS) on Friday March 22.
  • We’ve had lots of social fun, including tubing and barbecue trips to Lockhart.

Here’s to a fun 2013-2014!

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Nominees for Outstanding Professor

Each year, Grad Forum nominates a faculty member for Outstanding Professor award. You can vote at our TRACS site. Email David Parr if you have any problems accessing the site. Voting ends Wednesday, March 20 at 5pm.

Here are the nominees for Outstanding Professor:

  • Dr. David David Butler_Butler

“He has helped me every step of the way in terms of getting into graduate school, and is already treating me as a graduate student despite the fact I’m still an undergraduate.”

  • Dr. Lawrence Estavilleestaville

“Dr. Lawrence Estaville is one of the best Professors I have had in my academic career. He is an exceptional educator, an empathetic mentor, an outstanding scholar, and a very warm and caring personality overall. He is highly knowledgeable and experienced, both academically and professionally.

Dr. Estaville is a strong researcher and mentor. He is a great source of encouragement for his students. He possesses a wide base of knowledge with which he enriches his students in multiple dimensions and varying perspectives. I learn something new from him every time I meet him.

I would strongly nominate Dr, Estaville for the Outstanding Professor Award. This will encourage other students to work under his guidance and mentorship. It is an honor to be his mentee. I feel blessed to have Dr. Estaville, a truly inspiring father figure, in my life as my Ph.D. research advisor. I enioy working with him on my research work and graduate assistant duties.”

  • Dr. Jennifer Jensenjensen_

“A highly effective teacher of difficult technical material (remote sensing), Dr. Jensen is an important part of our department in this way and by way of collaborating with graduate students, working with and guiding them to get their work published.  She brings a lot of energy to research projects and has very high standards that helps to push students to be the best they can be.”

  • Dr. Yongmei Luyongmei_

“Dr. Lu is very effective in teaching graduate-level seminars because she is open-minded and allows the students to determine where the course will go.  This is a great way to carry out a seminar and engage the entire classroom.  Dr. Lu is also a very supportive faculty member who aims to help graduate students succeed in all their endeavors.”

  • Dr. Kevin Romigromig_

  • Dr. Philip Sucklingsuckling_

“Dr. Suckling has been an exceptional leader during his time as chair of the Geography department. In the 8 years he has been chair, the department has grown, matured and strengthened. He has also been very supportive of graduate student activities.”

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Grad Forum Officer Nominations

Grad Forum is  accepting nominations for Grad Forum board members. The positions include:

* PhD Co-President: A one-year position. The PhD Co-President organizes the Thanksgiving Potluck, Welcome Back BBQ, and other events, communicates with all members and leads the monthly meetings.

* Masters Co-President: A one-year position. Works with the Co-Pres to lead the organization and handle events, communications, and projects.

* PhD Vice President: A two-year position. After one year, the VP will become Co-President. The VP’s position is to run elections, organize social events, and help with the runnings of Grad Forum.

* PhD Faculty Representative: A one-year position. Meets with the Faculty to express the needs of the PhD students.

* Masters Faculty Representative: A one-year position. Meets with the faculty to express the needs of Masters students.

* Community Organizer (formerly webmaster): Handles the website, posting flyers, and the board downstairs. Builds Community through Communication. Open to PhD or Masters students.

Also, if you run for a position, you will AUTOMATICALLY be accepted as a Grad Forum Board Member. It’s win/win!

Please email David Parr your nomination, reason, and any background you would like to include by March 29.

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